Motor Vehicle Driving Instructors

Mark Cipriano

Mark obtained his Motor Vehicle Driving Instructors Licence in November 1991 and Accredited /Examiner licences in April 1993. He has always specialised in providing learner driver training but has also provided training for advanced driving in skid cars and other motor vehicle driving instructor courses (such as for Mercedes Benz and RACV). He currently also holds a heavy vehicles licence. After 24 years he still greatly enjoys teaching learner drivers and seeing people earn their drivers licence.


Brenton Rowe

Former President of the Australian Drivers Trainers' Association and currently the Vice President of the Australian Drivers Trainers' Association of South Australia Inc.

Brenton is an experienced Driver Trainer and Examiner. He is the owner of his own driving school and conducts most of the DrivEASY VORTs. He is very patient and explains the VORT requirement very carefully.  He does a fantastic job, as people often comment on how good he is. We are glad to have him conducting VORTs for DrivEASY Training Centre.

Very pleased!

Thanks to Mark, I was able to pass my VORT first go. He was a very good instructor and gave clear instructions. I definitely recommend him! Thanks again Mark, very happy!
— Elizabeth
Thankyou to my VORT Test Instructor!

I wanted to also write a review for the test instructor that I had, Brenton. He made my test easier by being funny and easy to get on with. Plus he allowed me to do what ever made me comfortable, whether it was talking to myself, or not talking at all. Thank you Brenton for making it not so nerve-racking and for allowing me to relax, kind of, and pass my test.
— Claudia K.