Graduated Licencing Scheme

The Graduated Licensing Scheme (GLS) for novice drivers is a staged approach to obtaining a full driver’s licence starting with the learner’s permit for supervised driving in relatively low risk situations. As a driver grows in knowledge, skills and driving experience, the restrictions are gradually lifted through the provisional stages (P1 and P2).

Steps to getting your driver's licence

Getting a driver's licence involves gradually progressing through a series of stages until you are ready to graduate to a full driver's licence.

  1. Learner's Permit
  2. P1
  3. P2
  4. Full Drivers Licence

Getting your L's

Booking and passing a licence theory test to obtain a Learner's Permit at Service SA customer service centre.

Once you have a learner's Permit you can start driving. Now is the time to start having lessons with a professional and authorised DrivEASY Instructor who can teach you correctly form the beginning so you don't form bad habits. This is the best and quickest way to learn to drive safely.

Getting your P's

There are two methods to get from L's (Learners Permit) to your P's (Provisional driver's Licence).  You need to either complete Competency Based Training & Assessment (CBT&A) course or Vehicle On Road Test (VORT). DrivEASY Training Centre is Authorised to provide either method. So you always have a choice. Your instructor can discuss the benefit of each method, so you can decide which one is best for you. 

To get from L's to P1's you will need to complete the following;

  1. Successfully pass a Vehicle On Road Test (VORT) or complete the Competency Based Training & Assessment (CBT&A) course.  This is done through a Driving School with an Authorised Instructor with (VORT or CBT&A qualifications)
  2. Complete the compulsory driving hours.
  3. Pass the Hazard Perception Test.
  4. You must have held your Learners Permit for at least one year.

Now that you have achieved your Drivers Licence (P1's) you can drive on your own under the P1 restrictions. After one year you will then progress to P2's for two years. Then you will graduate to a full driver's licence.

The My Licence website has detailed information about driver's licences including the licence theory test, learner's permits, the hazard perception test, provisional licences, high-powered vehicles and more.