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Make learning to DrivEASY

Get started driving the correct way. We have experienced instructors that know how to make learning to drive easy. We will show the correct way to perform all the manoeuvres that you will be required to do to get your licence. 

Plus we will help you gain confidence when driving in traffic and busy areas as you progress throughout your training.

There is a lot to driving; it is not as easy as it looks, but we will help you along every step to getting your Provisional driver's licence (P's). DrivEASY we make learning to DrivEASY.



Go from L's to P's with DrivEASY


What you will learn with DrivEASY Training Centre

"The Basics"

learn to drive with DrivEASY

A driver must have physical skills to be able to control direction, braking, acceleration, and deceleration.
For driving motor vehicles, the detailed tasks include: 

Starting and shutting down the engine correctly.
Setting the transmission to the correct gear.
Depressing the pedals with one's feet to accelerate, slow down, and stop the vehicle.
Steering the vehicle's direction with the steering wheel.
Operating other important ancillary devices such as the indicators, headlights, and windshield wipers.
Observing the environment for hazards.


"The Manoeuvres"

Now that you know the basics, next are the manoeuvres. We will show you how to correctly perform all five manoeuvres that you will need to demonstrate to get your P's.

  • Moving off from the kerb
  • U-turns
  • 3 point turns
  • Angle Parking
  • Reverse Parallel parking (between parking poles)

"Defensive Driving"

Have a good understanding of the road rules; car craft is not enough. When you are having to deal with other drivers on the road you need to be driving defensively. Defensive driving is driving to save lives, time, and money in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others. Defensive Driving is a form of training for motor vehicle drivers that goes beyond just learning the rules of the road and the basic mechanics of driving. Our aim is to reduce the risk of collision by anticipating dangerous situations, despite adverse conditions or the mistakes of others. 


Your choice of learning methods to get your P's

Your DrivEASY instructor can discuss which is the best method for you.

Vehicle On Road Test (VORT)

This is the simplest way of getting your P's. You simply have whatever lessons are needed to get you to the VORT standard; your instructor will help you there. Then, as soon as you're ready, we will arrange your VORT.  You will even use the same car as you used in your lessons and we will submit your VORT booking. When you have passed, you will be issued with a certificate of competency to receive your P's 

This method is probably best suited for someone who has already been doing some driving. 

Competency Based Training & Assessment (CBT&A) course

The CBT&A is a progressive training and assessment course. This course is made up of 30 tasks, where your instructor will explain each task and then,  once you know and understand each task, and have practiced it,  the assessment can be conducted.  When you have successfully completed all the tasks you will be issued with a certificate of competency to receive your P's 

This method is probably best suited for someone who has no, or very limited, driving experience.



Get started today and make learning to DrivEASY


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